Rainy Days are Propaganda Days

Progress is slow. That’s because it’s horrible and rainy and it makes me want to curl up on the couch and peruse my growing stack of to-be-read Liberal Propaganda. That and I’m scatterbrained. How scatterbrained, might you ask? Case in point: I rolled into the bathroom today, ready to do my thing. Cock in hand, my eyes wandered over to the curios on ma’s counter. From there, up to the space where the medicine cabinet should be. We have no medicine cabinet because ma’s friend wanted an authentically old one for the apartment she was building, so she asked if she could take ma’s. For reasons still unknown, mom said “yes, please tear this thing out of my wall and leave a horrible ugly scar complete with insulation and exposed studs.” This was in high school. I’m now in graduate school. Why mom doesn’t see this as a problem is beyond me.
That’s the sum of my internal monologue. And then I go, oh, right, I came in here to pee. It’s a wonder I don’t get seriously injured more often.
In other news, I’ve finished Promiscuities. Much food for thought. Although I consider myself a fairly feminist guy, I still get overcome by the pervasiveness of “anti-woman” in society. Michel Foucault, eat your heart out. The dread Sovereign and the prison have nothing on the policing of the feminine we consciously and unconsciously carry out.
I also took one of those Myers-Briggs personality inventories. I’m an INTP: Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiver. Basically I’m an eccentric antisocial thinker (with little use for reality) who strives for understanding and truth through observation. It’s telling that I thought this was a fasntastic sort of person to be. It’s also squeakingly rare, and we often have difficulty relating with people. This explains much. Heh.


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