Bored Musings on Ivy League Presidents

La dee dah. Here I sit at work with nothing to do. High end problem, I know. How much do I love short weeks? I have no class or work on Friday, and last Mon was President’s Day, so I got a 4 day weekend, and only three days of class. Score! Before you condemn me as a lazy bastard, keep in mind that fall semester I was on campus 14 hours a day, 3 days a week and 9 hours a day, 2 days a week and during break, I was there before 7 every damn day till school started. So I’ve earned a little downtime. Well, downtime that I spend studying and doing homework. Ah, academia.We went to the cabin over the weekend to make sure it’s still standing. I love the rain, but I keep getting seized with the terifying thought that Ace’s premonition will come true and the rains’ll kick loose one of the many large boulders that sit above the cabin and we’ll come up there someday only to find deer grazing where the bedroom used to be and raccoons fighting over the hot sauce in the kitchen.In other news, Ann Coulter is pissing me off more than usual. She jumped on the gravy train defending Lawrence Summers (Harvard’s President) and as usual, completely misrepresents the issue and makes liberals sound retarded. I shan’t go into the excruciating detail (See Bitch, PhD’s or That Colored Fella’s blogs for a more thorough explication), but suffice it to say that feminists aren’t mad that he said men and women are different. Hell, that’s the point of feminism. What proves he’s a bastard is the justification he gives for the differential presence of men & women in academia, basically that women want to be in the home, they want to be left out, and that they’re not good enough. Fuck him. And while we’re at it, fuck Ann Coulter. I think I’ll start getting all my news from the UK and from Media Matters.


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