In Which My Two Cents are Added

Well, we’re going on eleven days since Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube was removed. Congress has (unconstitutionally) had its say, her parents have had their say, her (pseudo)husband has had his say, and the protestors have had their say. What do we learn from all this? That even when a large majority of the country thinks an action is unethical, the GOP-led government will do it anyway. That even though the House Majority Leader mercifully allowed his father to die when he was in a vegetative state, he would deny that same right to another family because it’ll garner favor with the lunatic fringe of the right wing. That democrats are growing more and more spineless each passing day. That the rule of law in modern America is “the law shall rule, unless the GOP disagrees with it, in which case it will be overrided in quasi-legal maneuvers”. What, you mean Republicans can be hypocritical panderers? I’d’ve never guessed!

At least some good can come of this. When the dust settles and poor Terri is dead and lawsuits ended, I hope she’s not remembered as the Girl Who People and Politicians Fought Over, but maybe as the girl who inspired more people to make provisions to avoid just such an occurrence. If you want to be kept alive in a vegetative state, SAY SO and make sure your wishes are put in writing and communicated to anyone who might have authority over you when you have none over yourself. If you want to be allowed to die without extraordinary medical intervention, SAY SO and so on as above. Me, I’m making a declaration to you, Miss Internet, one that I’ve made to anyone who’ll listen. Put me out to pasture! I have no desire to be spiritually dead (insert GOP joke here) but physically alive and cost thousands of dollars and cause untold heartache to my family every day I sit there with no hope of recovery. Let me die on my own, and let the medical profession focus their healing efforts on people that can actually benefit from them, rather than coddling my dead (cause really, once you’re a vegetable, everything you were/are/could have been is lost to your body) ass. Thank you. And don’t let me psychochristian father overrule my mom and family and friends should the unfortunate ever befall me while this blog exists.


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