Another break from politics

From Knife-Wielding Feminists:

Favorite food to crunch: Chips & salsa
Favorite comfort food: mole…. molemolemole
Food that makes the best noise: fresh garlic thrown into hot olive oil
Favorite picnic lunch: bruschetta, white wine, brownies
Favorite food scene in movie: The cereal/masturbation scene in Sugar
Favorite food lyrics: “One pair of candied lips and your bubblegum tongue”-John Mayer
Best food smell memory: frying funnel cakes at Knott’s Berry Farm
Favorite summer snack: bruschetta
Food that reminds me of the ocean: doritos
Favorite winter snack: potato soup
Most likely to eat for lunch: 6″ turkey on jalapeño-cheese at subway
Least likely to eat for lunch: steak, if only because of its prohibitive expense
Makes me gag: olives
Favorite wild foods: peppers. c’mon, they’re wild somewhere…
Favorite medicinal food: garlic
Foods that reflect my heritage: if you can steam it, it’s Irish.
Food most like me: garlic…known to many, appreciated by few, loved by a select group
Favorite raw food smell: cilantro


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