Holy Crap

Wow. According to SiteMeter, people actually read this site. Not many, but still. I thought I was screaming to the the cold cold vacuum of space.

Just out of curiosity, who the blinding hell is reading this from the University of Michigan? I’ve racked my brain and can’t come up with anyone I know from MI who’s still in MI.

In any event, comment! Make me feel loved. That is all.

Today was the banner day for how not to live your life. I got up at 10 AM, started writing, and stopped around 10:30PM, taking a total of maybe an hour to eat, water the plants, piss, etc. While this means I’ve been freakishly productive, it also means I have BO, 5 o’clock shadow, and haven’t left the house. Damn. All eyes on Thursday…I’ll be done, I can drink an entire bottle of Maker’s Mark and sleep my pretty little face off. And then go to Catalina, NorCal, DC, Wisconsin, NorCal again, and generally make merry mayhem.

Maybe I’ll post a link to a paper I wrote during this time of tribulation, just so y’all can see the brilliance I have for sculpting verbal diarrhea.

Wow, disjointed. Hope my papers read better than this.

Signing off.


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