Ack, behind

It’s truly glorious to be free of class. I mean in a school way, not in an etiquette way. Although that would be nice too.

Went to Catalina two weekends ago, staying at my aunt’s apartment and driving her golf cart all around the island. I love how on Catalina houses are tiny (cause of the precious real estate), roads are narrow (because cars are severly limited), and most vehicles are golf carts. The end result is that everything feels 3/4 scale, like being Gulliver in Lilliput, especially for 6’2″ me. Pat also informed us that if you register a car to a Catalina address, it’s exempt from California’s smog check (apparently if you’re 23 miles or more from the mainland you’re exempt), whether or not the car’s actually on Catalina. I wanna be smog-exempt! Ooh! Brilliant plan! When I go back East for my PhD, I’ll register my car at that address. That way I don’t have to reregister my car wherever I end up (since the difficulty of driving the car back to CA for the smog check every two years would be the only reason to switch it to a local tag). Ooh, how brilliant! On the return trip, because my aunt is a super-duper VIP on the ferry (since she makes the trip twice a week for work), we got to sit in the Commodore’s Lounge, where you get a cushy, reclining leather chair with free booze and snacks. Plus, you get to enjoy the admiring glances of the plebians huddled outside in the foggy dampness as you hurtle along between Avalon Harbor and Long Beach. Oh it’s fun to pretend to be rich.

This past weekend we did fire clearance up at the cabin. The banner year for rain was good for last year’s drought, but it also resulted in unbelievable amounts of growth up there. We spent hours pulling weeds by hand, raking weeds, raking leaves, and still only got half done. And none of us could stand up the next day. Whee. On the plus side, the blockage in the gray water line that prevented us from using the shower or sinks seems to have cleared itself up. Which is good, cause when you call a plumber and ask if they’ll work on a septic system in the woods, the resulting incredulous laughter really hurts your ears.

On a related note, anyone know where the hell you can buy mineral oil? I’ve looked at the grocery store, Home Depot, Target and the local hardware store, and have come up empty-handed thus far. How’s a boy supposed to oil his butcher block countertops without mineral oil?

In other news, the EA degree for Fraternity is a go. Happy happy! It’ll be the first time since the lodge was founded (fair disclosure: the lodge was only founded 5 years ago) that we’ve done any degree work. Yay travel. Yay friends. Yay esoteric ritual.

Sadly, we didn’t go to NorCal as we had planned for Memorial Day. My great aunt was having Irish premonitions of mayhem, so we cancelled in favor of going another, non-holiday, weekend. As it turns out, the premonotion was correct, as my other aunt had a water pipe burst under her bathroom on Saturday, so had we been out of town she’d’ve come home to the cat floating down the raging river of a street on a couch cushion. And that cat’s scarred enough as it is.

So over there to the right you see a small listing of the blogs I read with regularity. This is, however, a partial list. My usual blog routine goes as such:

Start out with dooce, possibly checking blurbomat before checking dooce’s photo of the day. From there, it’s off to A Little Pregnant, who serves as the launch pad for Chez Miscarriage, Greener Pastures, Leery Polyp, So Close, and The Naked Ovary. Next, we jump to One Good Thing, which also serves as a springboard to Bitch PhD, Defective Yeti, Daddyzine, Feministing, GwenWorld, Tequila Mockingbird, World O’Crap, and Frog. If there’s a new entry at Knife-Wielding Feminists, I’ll check that out too. Because nobody has a handy link, I have to manually then go to Andreah, and then I remember my newest blog obsession, Suburban Bliss.

Then I can go on to email and work and those other insignificant things. Oh blogs, you make time worth wasting.


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