As long as I’m taking potshots…

So Michael Jackson was found innocent on all charges. Hmm.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know whether he manhandled the little boys or not. So if he’s innocent, hey, more power to him for getting off. If he’s guilty, it goes to show how the American judicial system, founded on the idea of eliminating the British system under which the titled and well-connected could easily escape punishment, has become a system under which the rich can do exactly the same thing. Personally I’d rather have the titled and well-connected get off than the rich. But that’s just the pinko commie in me talking.

I do know, however, that MJ is batshit insane. I mean wow. That’s one nutty middle-aged guy. Regardless of whether he fondled the kids, it’s clear he’s not quite in touch with reality in any way, shape or form. The depths of his insanity defy elucidation.

Hopefully, he won’t treat this trial as vindication of his psychoses, and abandon all pretense of doing good and instead start baldly seducing kids, perhaps building a tunnel from Neverland to one of the schools that sit just outside….here, take a look. The building at lower right is a school, the buildings at top (and just above the top edge of that link…scroll up) is Neverland. Hmmm. Late night burger runs my ass.


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