I almost forgot…

So Ann Coulter’s latest psychosis is that Deep Throat doesn’t exist. My God. The things you have to believe to be a Republican. And when something doesn’t fit in with your worldview, just dismiss it. Even if it’s pure unassailable fact, repeat your lie often enough, and presto, it becomes the truth. Forgive my bluntness, but since Ms. Coulter uses similar disinformation tactics to Nazi Germany, it is my fervent hope that she meets her end the same way Hitler did: alone, about to be captured and executed in a spectacular public event, and with a gun in the mouth. Yeah, that’s sorta harsh. But so is blaming the deaths in Georgia’s court shooting on the fact that females are “allowed” to be police officers. So I don’t feel bad advocating her violent death. Hell, she says as much about liberals all the time. It blows me away that people are so blindly willing to accept unsubstantiated ravings that are, in fact, plainly false. While Ms. Coulter is not the only fish swimming in this pond, she is certainly among the biggest and most brazen fish in this largely Republican pond.

Yes, how dare we imply Mark Felt was patriotic or doing good by leading the WaPo on the trail to Nixon’s rotting and amoral corridors of powerful. We should listen to Pat Buchanan’s denunciation of Felt, depsite the fact that Buchanan was one of those people commiting treason against the US by working in the Nixon White House as it worked to subvert the electoral system. Despite the fact that Buchanan worked for some of the most crooked members of that administration (you’re right! To be a real patriotic Republican, you just have to do it without getting caught and with the veneer of the Help America Vote (Republican) Act). Felt should have reported his suspicions to his supervisor, who just happened to be a Nixon crony. Yeah, I bet that would have gone far.


Every day that passes in which America doesn’t see the Right for the bloodsucking machinery of evil that it has become makes me lose more and more faith in America. Far from being the shining city on the hill, our once-great values and education and policy apparatus has decayed into a society where a majority of high school seniors think curbing the freedoms of the First Amendment would be just fine.


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