New Prescriptive Grammar + BSB

Hereafter, those previously known as the “Religious Right” shall be known as the “Religious Wrong.” Hey, somebody’s gotta say it.

Well, I swore I was beyond it. I swore I wouldn’t be such a sucker ever again. But I broke down. I failed miserably. Blah. For the third album in a row, I’ve bought the new Backstreet Boys album on the day it was released. Bah.

The verdict? It’s pretty good so far. Their music has matured. To be sure, it’s no Radiohead or Janis Joplin, being everything that is right in a world deeply committed to wrong. But it’s good stuff. So far “Incomplete” and “Lose It All” are standouts, but that’ll probably change in the coming days as I listen to it more and more. There are still heavy-handed attempts at metaphor, like “My heart did time in Siberia….when the one you want doesn’t want you….”, but one can’t expect pop culture to be Thoreau, just decently entertaining. I’ll be ignoring lines like that.

The sickeness started in high school. Of course, I didn’t buy the original BSB album when it was released cause, well, nobody did. Then they got airtime and got noticed, and won the hearts of screaming mimis everywhere, mine included. So when Millenium was released, the girls and I took our lunch break and drove to Best Buy to get the CD before schools let out and every pre-pubescent in the country screamed for their mother to drive them to the store on the way home. Cause our worship was different, dammit. We at least weren’t jailbait (in most states) for the Boys (well okay, I was, in the boys’ home states, until Lawrence v. Texas). My freshman year at Georgetown, the BSB released Black & Blue, and I was the only college-age male in fye buying it and rushing home to snap it into my Discman. Good stuff. I think Black & Blue is my favorite of their albums so far, but I’ll wait to pass judgement until I’ve heard all of this new one (whose title is Never Gone, by the way, as long as we’re talking about ham-fisted metaphors). At least this time it was via iTunes and therefore quite a bit cheaper than the last few go-rounds.

So, at the risk of losing whatever shreds of dignity I’ve managed to accrue, Backstreet Boys Forever!


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