Yeah, it’s been a while.

Went to the Eastern Seaboard (Yeah, a healthy chunk of the whole thing) last week. Ate sushi. Survived. Rather anti-climactic, actually. Entered an EA, had festive board at which entirely too much bourbon was drunk.

This weekend: Catalina for the 4th of July. Wheee! Being on a desert island for my inner pyromaniac’s favorite holiday is something of a downer though. Guess I’ll just have to buy a bunch and have my own private 4th of July next week. Too bad we haven’t any more bears to send to Hell (Meeemory…).

Next weekend: Vegas for a wedding. Gladiator-style, at Caesar’s. Will be looking for something to do other than follow my family around. Suggestions?

Have to make it to Wisconsin to see Dad at some point. Also to DC to ensure Jen jumps off no bridges.

More later, when my syntax is rebooted.


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