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Oh my my, how very negligent I am

26 July 2005

Whoo, long time no post. I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been dreadfully busy crushing Ann Coulter’s skull into an evil powder and smacking Republicans upside the head with a smart-ifying stick, but no such luck.

I did, however, have The Best Day Ever yesterday.

It started off inauspiciously. I woke up to the broiling heat roasting my bedroom, necesitating a move downstairs to further doze on the couch. We’re DIY-redoing one of our bathrooms, so I took apart the cabinets and removed hardware to prepare it for painting. While stuffing the things that were in a drawer into a box for safekeeping, I found my plug adaptors from when I went to Europe in 2000. In the bag with the adapters were two exposed, undeveloped rolls of film. My heart all atwitter, I took them to Sav-On’s half hour developing to see if they were the photos I’ve been missing for five years.

They were! I knew I wasn’t (that) insane! There were 65 pictures from London, Morocco, Gibraltar and Madrid that I knew I took but had never found. So now you all get to see what I (and several others) look like in the Moroccan robes we bought:

That’s me on the left. I swear that’s not a KKK robe. Wasn’t I cute back then? (That’s right…the proper response is “What do you mean, ‘back then?'” Give yourself a pat on the back.)

So that made my day, my week, however long I decide to keep the euphoria going. And later, I successfully moved the computer in close proximity to a cable TV cable, thus enabling this machine to serve as a TiVo-like wunderkid. Never more will I miss Paula’s Home Cooking or 30 Minute Meals due to work! Frabjous Day! Calooh callay! He chortled in his joy.

To top it all of, my latest blog crush (semantically that’s ‘blog I have a crush on’, not ‘blogger I have a crush on’), Republic of Dogs, had a beautifully-written post about the Americans Disabilities Act illustrated with the case of his boyfriend, M, who is Deaf. As a super linguistics geek and flaming pinko liberal, I had to post a comment relaying my appreciation of the post. To which he responded! I know, it’s pathetic; blog people are my celebrities, so Steve Sandvoss may as well have just shaken my hand and given me his number.

So yes, found lovely lovely pictures, made computer record Food Network porn for me, found an awesome blog post, and got a shout-out from a pseudo-celebrity. Boo yah!

Without further ado, here’s what I’ve been doing since last I posted:

Independence Day: Spent it on Catalina Island with la famiglia. Ate a lot, didn’t drink a thing (!), watched the fireworks people light off fireworks that exploded about a hundred feet too low and kept sending flaming debris into the boats docked in the harbor. Whoops.

The weekend after that: Vegas, wedding, Caesar’s. That’s all you need to know. I don’t really gamble much (except blackjack, but $15 minimum bet? Christ on a crutch!), so I spent much time lounging by the pool and drinking mai tais. Mmmm, mai tai’s ::drool::

Work: Transatlantic conference calls are fun. I swear, everyone at Elsevier has an Irish name. I was talking to a Fitzpatrick, the online system we were testing had example author names like O’Callahan and Sheenan. Yes I know Elsevier’s HQ’d in Ireland, but these were all US-based Elsevier people I was talking to.

And tomorrow at noon, I fly to DC. I get to see my one and only true platonic love, Jen, see my beloved city, and perhaps partake in a Long Island Tea or six. I’m such a jet-setter. A poor, unbejeweled jet-setter.

In parting, I leave you with this photo, the one photo ever taken in my life in which I look like a badass:

Only in Amsterdam….