Apparently my laptop is a Messiah…

…Cause it keeps rising from the Dead.


Yesterday I was minding my own business, using iTunes to play music from my laptop on mom’s desktop, when the laptop decides it wants to display the beachball of death and stop responding to input and stop the putting-out of output. So I forced it to shut down and then restarted it. It did nothing but show me a gray screen with the Apple logo for about an hour, without even the spinny little asterisk-looking thing to arouse my hope that it was actually, you know, doing something. Once again with the shut down. Then it was time for Ma’s birthday dinner, so I had to let it sit there and rest while I partook in pepper steak and tom collinses. Upon return, Kitty still wouldn’t start up, so I fed it the Apple Hardware Test DVD, which it summarily refused to recognize. Then the System Restore DVD, which was unable to restore or even start it up. All the while, the fan’s making sounds like there’s an itty bitty helicopter inside the case trying to take off. So I zap the PRAM, I reset the PMU, I do everything Apple and Google can dig up for me to do. To no avail. Frustrated, I have a glass of wine and go to bed.

This morning, she starts like there never was a problem. Stupid stupid bitch. So I used the iPod to backup all my data and photos and crap (cause the fan still sounds like a death rattle) and am running every test known to humanity on Kitty (that’s me laptop’s name…the sleep light makes it look like it’s purring), hoping I won’t have to buy a new laptop before this thing’s 18 months old. Grr.

My Kingdom for an Apple extended warranty.

**Updated to add: Definitely dying. Takes 25 minutes to start up, is usable (verrrrry sloooooowly) for about 10 minutes, then the death rattle starts and she freezes up. And I thought being gay meant I didn’t have to deal with frigid bitches :Þ.


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