The good, the bad, the republican

Wow. God’s really smiting the Boy Scouts, isn’t s/he? If I believed God intervened in everyday affairs, which I don’t, I’d say He was displeased with something about them. I wonder what it could be?

As I’ve said before, I’m a fan of the BSA in general; they did a whole lot for me. But, they are just wrong on certain things. How tragic that they get hit with three incidents in such a short time.

Well, it looks like the laptop is back in one piece. Except I don’t think the fans are working, so I’ll have to monitor the CPU temp with the Dashboard widget. Speaking of Dashboard, I love the widgets that proffer quotes from the Simpsons and Family Guy. It almost makes me forgive the fact that my Powerbook tried to rear up and kill me.

There hasn’t been much political blogging lately. I’m afraid it’s just too, too tiresome. We live in a country where the President hypocritically whines about claiming the privileges the GOP fought so hard to deny President Clinton, where the constitutional provision meant for filling official vacancies when Congress wasn’t in session (sessions were rather short in the late 18th century) is being used to subvert the Senate’s duty to advise and consent, where the President has “complete confidence” in a man that committed treason, one of the three crimes so heinous the Constitution demands impeachment and expulsion for its commission (Art 2, Sec. 4). It’s an America where a US Senator can blame an entire state for the kiddie touchers in the Catholic church and not be tarred and feathered for sheer stupidity.

Speaking of kiddie touchers, I love that the Catholic church tried to argue that a woman boning a priest should have known that it could lead to pregnancy and therefore should have used contraception. If I were the judge in that case and I had a lawyer for the Catholic church telling me a woman should have used contraception, once I stopped laughing I’d’ve summarily found in favor of the woman and quadrupled the amount she was asking for. Oh, and that priest is now ministering here in Whittier, my hometown. Protesters galore down there on Sunday mornings. It’d be amusing if it weren’t so sad.

So that’s what it comes down to. Hypocrisy is the order of the day, simply because those in power can. And nuts to the Democrats for not doing the same thing. I’m sorry, but because you can do something isn’t sufficient reason for doing something. Even in Washington. God forbid the Democrats would grow a spine and some ovaries and call them out on it loudly every single time it happens until people realize what’s going on, and then articulate a coherent policy alternative. Because the rank and file don’t know it’s happening. Average GOP voters think the GOP actually believes in what it stands for. And some GOP politicians do, like perhaps Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine. But by and large, it’s preying on the ignorant by repeating lies and throwing smoke.

But then I live in la la land, dreaming of legislators like Canada’s, who put personal religious beliefs and patriarchal privilege aside and actually work to improve the lives of their citizens, not their corporations.

As an aside, how much do I love the fact that Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin signed the legislation to put gay marriage into effect? It’s like saying, “go ahead, challenge the law, assholes. See how far you get.” A couple people asked me why she got to grant Royal Assent. The answer is simple, although based in obtuse Westminster parliamentary rules. A bill is passed by Parliament (in Canada, the House of Commons and the Senate), and must receive Royal Assent, or the Queen’s OK, before it becomes law. Normally the Governor General of Canada, Adrienne Clarkson, grants Royal Assent (being the Sovereign’s representative in Canada), but she was having surgery, which meant Head of State duties passed to the Administrator of Canada, constitutionally defined to be the Chief Justice. So because the Queen’s in the UK and the Governor General was being cut open, the Chief Justice got to sign it. How poetically appropriate that while the nation derided as “America Junior” unites all branches of the government to improve the rights of its citizens, the good old US of A is busy finding ways to screw the underdogs.

Don’t misinterpret me and think I hate America. Far from it. The values and frameworks established in this country are bar-none the best in the world. The citizens and residents of the US invent more, grow more, make more than anybody else. And I’m proud of that heritage and legacy. But when you have people who do hate America (yes Ms. Coulter, you do in fact hate America, despite your Freudian overcompensation to the contrary) running the country and accountable only to each other, you end up with our current situation, with the businesses and the rich calling the shots. Truly the jeweled harlot feasting upon the blood of the poor.

So this is why I haven’t been talking politics lately….it gives me too much ageda.

Excuse me, I need a drink.


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