The Goundhog Emerges…

I’m poking my head up above the radar to say I’m still alive. I spent the last two days, uhhhh, how do I put this delicately? Not absorbing nutrition because neither end could hold it in long enough. I think the salsa I made last week had something horrible and bad growing in it that caused my misery. I did learn a few things from the sickness, though:

(1) I could never be agoraphobic. Even when I could stand upright for less than a minute before having to race to the bathroom, I couldn’t stand being cooped up in the house. This does not bode well for my future as a socialist hermit.

(2) Ma hasn’t a sympathetic bone in her body. She refused to get me chicken soup and yogurt with which to feed myself, so I had to toodle down to the grocery store myself. I told her that if she were my boyfriend her shit would out on the front porch post haste.

(3) Man, you can google-stalk anyone! Apparently whois databases are required to have an address publicly visible to all and sundry, so even if you don’t reveal any personal info on your site, it can all be found online, unless you’re smart like Julie of alittlepregnant, who registered through a domain-registry privacy service and only reveals the address of that service. Color me surprised. I guess it makes sense though; when Bush starts rounding up and executing the liberals, it’ll be nice to have addresses of all the liberal bloggers handy. That way he can start with us and keep the news off the radar of the ‘liberal media.’

All right, so I didn’t learn much, and certainly nothing useful. Now I’m off to make up the time I should have been spending at work and at the gym. If you have a minute and a dollar (or a pound, or a euro, whatever), donate to Rose’s boob fund.

Keep on truckin’ and fightin’


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