The places my mind goes…

This is why D and I should never be allowed to rule the country:
(after an IM discussion on the hell of urbanization)

Me: maybe we should just buy a few hundred acres in the middle of nowhere and start our own Utopia
D: i agree
D: lets just buy Iraq
Me: Chrisdan University….where you can learn about biochemistry, art, or language…nothing else
D: bush waged war and took it over, why cant we just buy it
Me: except a minor in faaaaaaaabulousness
D: lol
D: somehow the biggest club is cocksuckers anonymous
Me: and it’s not like we try to cure them, it’s just a club for anonymous cocksucking
D: well exactly
D: and the few straight people would be struggling to come out of the closet
Me: and they would be persecuted as different and evil
D: signs all over campus reading “breeder marriage is against our beliefs”
Me: employees wouldn’t get spousal benefits, only same-sex partner benefits
D: well get margaret cho as a guest speaker for every course
Me: “today we’re taking a break from the morphosyntax of Welsh to hear from Professor Cho”
Me: hell she could be Dean of the College if she wanted
D: lol
Me: “like I’m fucking sitting in my trailer, fucking drunk with power”
D: lol
Me: arright sounds good
D: id call Karl Lagerfeld and have him teach fashion in the BFA program
D: itd be hot
Me: where can we buy property and secede from the Union and not have anyone notice?
D: uhm
Me: at graduation it’ll be mandatory to not wear anything under your robe
D: South Dakota?
D: thats like a big black hole in the US
Me: that would be good
D Florida has cheap swamp land
Me: close enough to chicago that we could take field trips to boys town
D: and the government here [Florida] is so hands off its not even funny


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