Begging for Money (For Others)

Before I start tonight’s self-medication, a plug for money. My friend Rachel works for First Book, a non-profit charity that aims to combat what I think is the root of so many social problems in the US, a lack of literacy. From my own education in linguistics and literacy, I found out that more than socioeconomic status, more than race or ethnicity or location (although each is an important symptom), the amount of literature a child is exposed to is the single most powerful indicator of that child’s future educational accomplishment and economic independence later in life. And library funding is all but nonexistent in the US. Some ungodly percentage of all primary school students have less than 10 books in the home and few to none in the school library.

First Book’s deal is to give books to libraries, schools, etc, to promote literacy and promote successful learning. And Amazon has made them a Nonprofit Innovation Award Finalist. If they get the most donations on Amazon before 30th September, they will get a matching grant of up to US$1 million in addition to the money they get donated. And it’s tax deductible. So make First Book happy and help the kiddies out, will ya?

(And no, neither Amazon nor me nor anyone but First Book makes money from it. So go nuts.)


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