Today was a Good Day

The stars must have been cosmically aligned today. Either that or God was asleep at the “hit Chris over the head with another trial and/or tribulation” switch.

In the blogosphere, Jo of Leery Polyp had her gorgeous little baby, Sophia Hazel. Of course, this means that all the “trying to have a baby” infertility blogs I read are now “Jesus Gay, I have a baby” infertility blogs. How dare they go and defy conventional wisdom like that!

As usual, Heather over at Dooce posted prose of such mind-bending quality that you secretly fantasize about having written it yourself. She’s good about that. Two of my favorites:


Instead of calling him back I send him an email that says, “Must be trolls, because I assure you that if I had found the lighter I would have made a point of telling you that I, HEATHER, THE ONE WHO HAS TO HELP YOU FIND YOUR KEYS WHEN THEY ARE IN YOUR HAND, found the lighter. P.S. I love you.

30 Oct 2003:

Anyone who is married or has ever been married knows that it takes both people to make a marriage work. For instance, one person has to drive the car while the other person hangs out the window with a bat to demolish the neighbors’ mailboxes. Jon is better at driving, and I have much more anger to work through than he does, so we’re comfortable with our respective roles.

As you can tell, I have a secret Internet crush on Heather B. Armstrong.

In the boring world of reality, today was markedly more pleasant. The sleeping drugs worked on their own, and I fell asleep at a reasonable hour and awoke feeling refreshed at 8:00. I was reassured that yes, I will have a job next semester, and yes, they will be paying me more. Woo hoo!

After work, Jennifer drove up from Downey and we went to the Whittier Uptown Street Fair, which happens every Wednesday and features lovely lovely produce from local farmers as well as booths with breads, soaps, clothes, jewelery, anything you can think of. It’s basically what you think of as a county fair, except smaller and on a weekly basis. Had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was basically just a pleasant day. ‘Twas nice.


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