Too hawt

Sweet mother of mercy, it’s hot. I went swimming in the pool for the first time in many a year. It was hot enough that even my white-bottomed, 10 foot deep pool was up to 86 degrees; usually it’s a push to get it above 68 in the summer.

In other news, the State of California hasn’t deigned to pay me yet for July or August. So I told them until they do, I don’t have enough money to buy gas to get to work, so they better get on that shit right quick.

I think my Dad may be dead. He lives near Madison, Wisconsin, which had a few tornadoes roll on through last week, and he hasn’t answered his cell phone or his emails since then, which is surprising since his birthday was on Tuesday. So if you’re near Madison, lemme know if there’s been death and destruction in the area.

Off to get ready and go out on the town. This Blizl needs a cool long island iced tea.

Catch y’all later.


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