Once again, Mother Nature has shown us why you shouldn’t knowingly or willingly build a city below sea level. My God, the destruction. I’m so so sorry for anyone in, from, or with people on the Gulf Coast. The news had a video from a helicopter flyover of Orleans Parish (in Louisiana they have parishes instead of counties) and it just makes your jaw hang open. How can there be that much water, that much destruction, that much mayhem?

It pisses me off that the media are treating the people still left in New Orleans as getting something of what they deserve for not evacuating. Granted, there’ll always be a few cranks who won’t leave grandpappy’s house behind, but by and large the people who stayed behind had no other choice. If you don’t have a car, don’t have money, don’t have a credit card, it’s kinda hard to evacuate and go live somewhere else for a while. These are the poorest people who, by and large, were left behind. Renting a minivan and packing up Joe, Jane, the 2.5 kids and Rover and staying at a Holiday Inn in Northern Louisiana for a month simply wasn’t an option. So Eyewitness News, use a few of those brain cells before you get all smug about these folks.

In other news, I had my first class of the semester today: seminar in syntax. The professor has decided to go the morphosyntax, functionalist route with the class, which pleases me to no end. Elucidating formal rules of grammar makes me want to gouge out my eyes. I suppose I should eventually buy my books, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. And by ‘come to it’ I mean ‘get paid.’

My friend Paul lives in an area of Mississippi that was hit by the hurricane, and I’ve not heard if he’s okay or not, since I don’t have his phone number or anything. I sent him an email, perhaps he’ll read it in a month when power and internet are restored to the rural areas. Ay yah.

I also like how gas prices jumped 10 cents a gallon today because of Katrina. The oil companies have said their operations in the gulf were mostly unharmed, but hey, any opportunity to gouge. I wish someone would put Cheney and the oil bosses in jail already and stop screwing us all over.

All right, that’s my disjointed rant of the day. Be well, y’all.


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