On The Upswing

Well, things look brighter today. I don’t think it’s due to any external factors. I just feel strangely at peace. The laptop’s still dead, and my efforts to resurrect it and/or retrieve data from it were for naught. Oh well. I have my academic work backed up, and I only lost pictures from an event where lots of people took pictures. I still can’t afford a new computer, but I can use ma’s desktop until I can.

I did hear from Paul that he’s okay, which was a relief. His part of Mississippi just got power back today after being knocked out by Hurricane Katrina. It looks like wheels are finally starting to turn for the relief efforts, and some things are getting done. It’s still woefully inadequate, but I think some good will come out of it: nobody will dare underfund flood protection anymore, the American populace is waking up to the shafting we’ve gotten from Bush and his henchmen, and maybe, as people become more and more aware that the people left behind in New Orleans were the poorest of the poor, a wheel or two in the social justice machine might get engaged. It’s probably a pipe dream, but I’ve gotta try to see the positive aspects, since this week has been nothing but negative in just about every respect.

We’re off to Catalina again for Memorial Day, which is always fun. We leave Sunday morning and come back Monday night. It’ll be a short trip, but everyone has different schedule limitations. Expect reports of my adventures when I return.


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