Our God is a Vengeful God

Well, the laptop finally good and died for real, like hard drive failed and all that fucking jazz. I haven’t the faintest fucking idea what I’m going to do now. I can’t afford to buy a new computer (especially since the God-damn mother fucking State of California still hasn’t paid me for July and August), I’ve just started a new semester at school, and I basically lost all the pictures that I hadn’t backed up and/or sent to Flickr. Which means about 90 photos, mostly from my cousin’s daughter’s blessing ceremony, are toast. The last resort is to go tomorrow to Judy’s and see if I can get the hard drive to start in target mode using her computer, and, barring that, go to Apple and see about a new hard drive, which’ll, you know, cost more than a new computer, but hey, can’t hurt too badly to ask.
Just when I think the karmic balance is tipping back in my favor something like this happens. The DVD I ordered a bloody month ago finally arrived today, so I thought that might be a good omen. Then my verizon email decided it wanted to act like it was full when it actually wasn’t. And then the laptop melted down. So if you’ve sent email to my verizon address since about 1:30 AM PDT on 1 Sep, you’ll have to resend it. And I was waiting for some rather important emails, too. So I think I’ve fixed that, but God only knows if I really have. In the meantime, I suppose you should use the email for this site, chris at blizl dot net. But with my fucking luck, Canada will have a nuclear bomb lobbed at it and Toronto (where this site is hosted) will evaporate. Of course, you’ll never see this post, since Blogger will eat it. Just you watch.


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