Back to the Grind

Well, back from Catalina. Best trip to date, happily. I haven’t the time to post about it fully now, as I have to get ready for class, but I’ll leave you with this free-association list, which will serve not only to tittilate you but also to remind me what I have to write about.

“Did this boat come from Long Beach or China?”

“Cause they’re oooooold! ::high five::”

Drinking buffalo.

clamato pants

the third mai tai

chicken-foot bone

bloody marys

slush funds

bomb threat

duct tape

The Margaret Bea Brockman Commemorative golf hole


wiki whacked

“could you hear Zane Gray roll over in his grave?”

Capt & Tenille

naked Indian children

coughing fireballs

early bird specials

going ‘shopping’


“Put your shirt back on”

4AM cigarettes

barbecued ice cubes

“ah-so, asshole”

the one-eyed lady

“Want to see my house? It’s $500 a day and horrible!”


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