Colossal Ineptitude

Via Bitch, PhD, this article written by paramedics stranded in New Orleans (they were part of the contingent that for some reason was allowed to cut in line and board buses intended for the evacuation of the Superdome).

It only serves to reinforce the assholery and ineptitude and blatant racism demonstrated by local, state and federal troops in New Orleans. It also justifies the reaction I had when I saw the 5-0 pointing shotguns at people stealing groceries. I’d’ve shot the police in the head. Repeatedly. And I’d’ve done so to any ‘law enforcement’ who tried to tell me I couldn’t ‘steal’ food and water to keep myself alive. Honest to God, there were so many more important jobs for them to do than point guns at people trying to stay alive. And then to read that on top of denying people access to supplies, the soldiers were willing to force people places but not give any information on how to get water, how to stay alive. And then the ‘law enforcement’ from adjoining cities shot at them when they tried to flee the city. Kinda pokes holes in the Republican talking point that people refused to leave the city. I’d refuse too if the po-po was pointing guns at me.

Yes, I’m aware the area was under martial law, but that excuses not one whit of it. Martial law doesn’t give anyone the right to act in a way clearly detrimental to the greater good. The intent of martial law is to enable the State to stabilize and protect the people, possibly at the expense of some other people. Shooting at paramedics does not in any way help the situation.

Although I’m a pinko commie liberal, I think the death penalty ought to be applied to all those asshats whose inaction and inappropriate action contributed to the thousands of deaths in the Gulf South. The police threatening to shoot people stealing food. Guard troops deliberately stranding people without food or water. The ‘law enforcement’ shooting at people trying to flee the city. The director of FEMA for doing nothing for close to two days and then being a fucktard whenever he opened his mouth thereafter. The President for sitting on his ass and playing the guitar while people died. And no, I’m not advocating assassination, for you USSS and FBI reading. I’m talking stringing these clowns up in a court of law and making them answer to what amount to war crimes and thousands of negligent homicides. Fuck Bush talking about rebuilding Trent Lott’s house. Fuck Condi for shopping for thousand-dollar shoes and having a woman ejected who confronted her about her asshattery. Fuck Cheney shopping for a million-dollar mansion while NO sank. Large-scale abrogation of duty such as has been demonstrated in the Gulf South should be swiftly and harshly punished. This cannot and must not happen again. Plus, it’d be a nifty way for Republicans to put their money where their mouth is. They think the death penalty deters murder. Let’s see if it deters Republicans from committing massive negligent homicide.


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