Ah, the NRA…the affiliation I usually hide

After the comments from JenFred and Res on the meme from a couple days ago, I decided this deserves its own entry.

Yes, seriously, I am a life member of the NRA.

As background, since my Christofascist father feels it important that all youngins have training in how to shoot to kill, I am the proud owner of the Rifle Shooting merit badge from the boy scouts and I surpassed the US Marine Corps’ ‘sharpshooter’ qualification at 13. For Christmas one year, there was a life membership to the NRA under the tree. Attached to that life membership was a special edition of a Browning .22 rifle.

You see, I’m left-handed, so the cartridge ejection from most rifles, being on the right, goes across my line of sight, and is distracting if a Republican or New Orleans Police Officer or oralist educator is in my sights. This special one ejects out the bottom, saving my aim. I don’t know precisely why anyone would want a gun that shoots 300 degree brass into your crotch, but hey. Maybe it was dad’s subtle hint that I shouldn’t grow up liking dick. Oh well, we see how well that one turned out.

But yeah, I have mixed feelings about the NRA. On the one hand, Charleton Heston and Wayne LaPierre piss me off. On the other, I support education as to the safe handling, care and use of firearms. Even though it’s a tired cliché, as DC proves, outlawing firearms does mean that only outlaws have firearms. DC has the highest murder rate in the country. It’s incidence of gun-related violence is, likewise, the highest in the country, which probably means it’s the highest in the developed world.

This isn’t to say I support arming everyone in sight. The notion that ‘an armed society is a polite society’ is bullshit. An armed society means a society with a lot of dead people.

And Florida’s new law allowing the use of lethal force right off the bat in a threatening situation is an extension of that bullshit.

But then, the ownership of firearms is not, prima facie, evidence of a depraved society. Switzerland’s been armed to the teeth its entire history, and yet, it’s the nation-state with the longest peaceful history (The Confederation of Helvetica was incorporated in 1291) and the best record of not being invaded by warring parties. So there is something to be said for the deterrent effect. [by the way, the official name of Switzerland, the Confederation of Helvetica, is the source of its post-code abbreviation and civil aircraft registry prefix, both CH. How the US ended up with N on its aircraft is beyond me.]

In short, this is an issue I have yet to resolve within my socialist rational brain, and the knee-jerk patriarchal brain instilled in me by my father and the larger society.


Oh, and speaking of patriarchy, give Twisty Faster your love and support. Just don’t suggest anything even remotely related to a pink ribbon.


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