Rainy Days are Tuesdays Too, Apparently

Is it bad that I’m happy it’s been raining these past couple days? I’ve been missing ‘weather’ ever since I got back from DC a year and a half ago. Wearing a sweater last weekend in San Fran made me all kinds of happy. I love the process of changing your wardrobe over to winter mode, and I like winter fabrics much more than summer fabrics: the wools, the cashmere, the knits, the corduroy. The power went out at my house though, so that wasn’t cool.

The cabin owners association had its first meeting since 2001 on Sunday. Apparently a few of the cabins have changed hands (the cabin…see nature on flickr), so there were new faces. We’re beginning the process of renewing our special-use permits, so the Forest Service has been doing all kinds of inspections. Apparently, out of the 48 cabins in the Millard tract, ours is the only one that will need no modifications. Previously, the other cabin owners have been on our tail about not using it as much as we should (gimme a break, we all work 80 hours a week and we don’t live 10 minutes away like they do). So now they also can hate us cause we’re perfect, too. Heh heh. They had maps of the cabin tracts up there as well. I don’t know if it has something to do with the fact that my family’s owned the cabin since the beginning of time, but our lot is like 4 times the size of the other lots. Ma always wondered whether the horseshoe field across the trail was on our lot. Guess it is. I need to spend a few weekends up there just cleaning and weather-sealing the place. Now that the plumbing has deigned to work again, there’s no reason not to. It really is a lovely place to spend time.

School continues to monotonously trudge on (yes I know I split an infinitive get over it. That rule derives from Latin, since Latin infinitives can’t be split, being only one word. And sometimes it’s necessary to resolve syntactic ambiguity in English). Am much looking forward to DC next week. Must practice swordplay so Knights of Pythias not disappointed in their newest squire.

Off I go to class…wish me luck.


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