As such, we pass the days…

Sometimes my friends are so brilliant that I just stand back and watch in amazement:

(My AIM profile had a blurb about how we’ve run out of assigned names for Atlantic storms, but global warming is nothing but a liberal fiction)

Doug: this all kind of meshes with general environmental atrocities, such as it’s okay to destroy one of the most fragile ecosystems on the planet in the name of making a few oil barons slightly wealthier

Doug: or having the federal government force through a coal fired power plant in southern montana that could feasibly choke yellowstone with smog, or repealing the roadless land acts that clinton put into place so that lumber companies can decimate old growth forests.

Doug: these are all fiction as well. everyone knows that it’s better to be a little bit richer on a defiled planet than slightly less wealthy on one where plants can grow

[Nine hours later]

Doug: in addition to my earlier rant, it’s also important to note
that evolution is a liberal myth used to undermine the morals of children in

Doug: 3000 year old myths devised by people who weren’t entirely
sure the sun would rise each morning are obviously much more valid

Doug: it’s common sense

Doug: for that matter, lightning is nothing more than god’s method
of smiting the wicked

Doug: electricity is just a crazy theory that has never been proven

Doug: well, it’s a shame that religious freedom is now interpreted
as state mandated miseducation

Doug: but i digress…

Doug: anyway, just wanted to add to my earlier tirade in the
interest of completeness

Doug: time to watch the simpsons


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