Doug to the rescue…

Once again, Doug sums up the problem nicely: “I live in a cornfield, science scares me!!” Hopefully you realize Doug isn’t criticizing farmers.

Res’ comment below nicely sums up how the Dems can, uh, get their asses in gear: “offer a way out of this quagmire of declining wages, outsourcing jobs, and slumping standards of living that the GOP and the so-called New Democrats have dug us into.” (Although, jiminy, based on Adorable Girlfriend’s description of his weekends, I’m considering boiling that comment and burning it in alcohol for my own protection.) And you know, it wouldn’t be that hard, either. “We’re the party that doesn’t hate you!” would be a nice starter slogan. “You might pay more in taxes, but at least you’ll have an income to pay them with!” would be another. As it is, we’re struggling to play fair, which obviously isn’t the way to go in modern politics, as evidenced by today’s big oil testimony on the Hill. The Dems wanted to, you know, swear the boys in so they didn’t have free reign to blow smoke up the nation’s collective ass. Sen Stevens (from Alaska, one of the biggest oil producers in the world, natch) wouldn’t even entertain the notion. In my view, the proper course of action wasn’t to sit down and shut up like the Dems did, it would have been to go on C-SPAN and scream from the mountaintops, but hey, we must be nice. Senator Reid did something similar to that when he put the Senate in secret mode, thus alerting to all and sundry that something wasn’t right. And it worked! Lo and behold! The killing light of day!

Anywho. Moral of the story: they don’t call it populism for nothing. God bless Molly Ivins. Although usually I can’t read her columns, since they’re printed right below Ann Coulter’s and by the time I finish hers I can’t see straight.

In other news, my pinko side came out again today in school. I took a survey the sociolinguistics course put out about last names and how they should/n’t change after marriage and what the kids’ names should be. To the question “Did you/do you plan to change your name once you marry?”, most people whose surveys I saw responded “Yes, because it’s traditional,” or “No, because I like my name.” My response: “No, because I don’t believe in subverting identity for the benefit of the patriarchy.” I love widening the eyes of prim and proper international students.

In the seminar on language contact, we were discussing the studies of creole languages and one of the discussion tangents went onto how notions of inferior language (as Creoles were held to be until the last 20 years or so) were used to justify denying signed languages recognition as actual languages. I had a little “a dim bulb brightens” moment then, realizing the different way progressives and reactionaries see evidence: progressives formulate hypotheses based on the data. Reactionaries find data to fit their preconceived hypotheses. Damn the man, indeed. I also exasperated the interpreter by making her fingerspell “disestablishmentarianism.” Hee hee. I must be hell to interpret, since I speak mostly in figures of speech, hyperbole for effect, and I use unneccessarily long words. Not deliberately, mind you. Just happens.

Lordy, I cannot wait for this weekend. I can feel my brain’s fuses hissing already, and it’s only Wednesday.


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