Oh Canada

As further evidence of my dorkage, I was watching C-SPAN’s coverage of the Canadian House of Commons last night when the vote of no confidence was passed. Not because I knew it was coming, but because I happened upon it and the proceedings of Canada’s Parliament are infinitely more interesting than those of the US. And then the Government fell.

It’ll be interesting to watch these elections, since they’ll be critical to Canada’s future, but they’ll be taking place over the holidays and in the dead of winter, two major obstacles to voter interest, especially in a place like Canada where winter means a descent into a place where your snot freezes inside your sinuses. Blech.

I’m a little frightened that the Conservative party will win, if not a majority, then a controlling interest in another coalition government, which opens the door to all of Canada’s wondrous advances like universal health coverage and equal access to marriage going straight out the window. Aside from bringing Canada in line with its derogatory image of America Junior, it would also mean that I’d have to set my sights even further afield for my exile from the country when they start hunting down the liberals. It will also be interesting to watch how well Bloc Quebecois does in the election, since a strong showing would both weaken the Liberal Party and advance the Quebecois nationalist agenda.

In other news, is it just me, or did Canada copy their Parliament building from Georgetown’s Healy Hall?

Healy Hall, completed in 1879:

Canadian Parliament, completed 1922:

Bah, those Canadians!


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