Oh no they di’int

From today’s Washington Post:

“We live in a culture where more and more people are on opposite sides of these basic issues [medical workers’ right of refusal vs patient’s rights to make their own care decisions],” said Manion, who has represented an ambulance driver who was fired after she refused to take a patient to a hospital for an abortion, a health department secretary who was not promoted after she objected to providing abortion information, and a nurse who was transferred after she refused to provide morning-after pills.

If I ran an ambulance service and an EMT refused to transport a patient, regardless of the circumstance, I would fire her and do my damndest to get her license revoked. If I ran a health department and a secretary refused to give out any information, I would fire her reflexively. If I were chief of a department in which a nurse refused to give a patient any pills, I would fire her and make the state license board revoke her license.

This isn’t about religious freedom. If you adhere to a belief system arrogant enough to make you think you can make people’s decisions for them, stay out of the medical field. When I want religious opinions, I’ll go to a Church. When I want medical care, I’ll visit a hospital. If you believe women shouldn’t have morning-after pills, don’t become a fucking pharmacist. Become a godbag.

Even more amusing is this passage:

About half of the proposals would shield pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control and “morning-after” pills [EC] because they believe the drugs cause abortions.

Well, morality aside, if someone believes that BC and EC cause abortions, they need a lesson in basic reproductive physiology. Neither BC nor EC are abortifacients. They prevent fertilization and implantation. That is empirical, unassailable fact. If they want to hold a false belief, fine. That doesn’t, however, make it true or give them the right to act upon it in a way that affects other people. Tom Cruise can deny the objective fact that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (like Prozac) work, and he can have himself a little orgy with this belief. But if he attempts to act on another with this belief, he should be restrained and locked up. The reason we lock up the mentally ill is because their delusions cause danger to the populace. The delusions of schizophrenia should be legally no different from the delusions of godbaggery, and should be dealt with in the same manner: restraint, medication, and removal from society.

By enacting laws like this, we are giving people the explicit right to force their religious/moral/social beliefs on another. Maybe I’m fucked in the head, but I thought that’s what the first amendment to the constitution prevents: the State giving one belief system preference over another.

If we were dealing with other circumstances, the outcome would be radically different. If an Amish EMT refused to transport a car crash victim because the Amish EMT believes cars are sinful, we would rightly charge the EMT with gross negligence, breach of contract, and about a hundred other things. We would never tolerate it as a society, because Amish beliefs are far enough from the mainstream that we are comfortable denying such an EMT freedom to allow religious beliefs to interfere with the public service job they do. But because quite a few Americans believe women shouldn’t be trusted with their own bodies, we are willing to entertain such laws as these. Government becomes the rule of the majority, with all its whims, rather than of law. In other words, the Great American Experiment, trusting a society with self-rule, confident in the integrity and character of decision-makers, is a complete and utter failure.

Finland’s looking better and better.


One Response to “Oh no they di’int”

  1. hazel8500 Says:

    Here Here!
    Nice rant, I agree completely.


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