the goal of blizl dot net is the futherance of the vainglory of one christopher trueblood, an eccentric überliberal feminist and linguist who likes to cook and lives in southern california.our friend and patron christopher, also known as blizl, was born incnsequentially in a small (for southern california) town in 5982 AL, 1982 CE. we say inconsequential because there was actually nothing inconsequential about it. his mother suffers from an autoimmune disorder known as systemic lupus erythematosis which, in 1982 at least, counterindicated pregnancy and certainly counterindicated childbirth. his parents had been married for thirteen years before his birth and their marriage survived another twelve, after which point his father-unit fled back to his native flyover state and married a bleached-blond secretary/hairdresser.

our young blizl soon distinguished himself by being almost entirely antisocial, although he could string together words, equations and ideas with the best of them. after existing as an odd, annoying imp for fourteen years, he entered a high school in an entirely separate district from the schools he attended previously. ostensibly this was to participate in the international baccalaureate program, but really our precious blizl was simply not willing to attend a high school that had its own police officer assigned to carry out the daily arrests and restraining order enforcement.

at this shiny new school, blizl excelled in the biological and chemical sciences, taking a school-record seven and a half years worth of science classes in only four years. he also excelled in languages, something that came entirely as a surprise to him as no other person in his immediate family even speaks english fluently, let alone another language. much to his astonishment, blizl also succeeded socially, proving that perhaps there was something to this interpersonal relationship thing.

after graduating this lovely school and spending two months romping around europe and northen africa, our blizl entered georgetown university as a biochemistry major. in his entering class there were fifteen biochemistry majors; when he graduated there were only four others left. along the way he discovered a love for the science of linguistics, and this love tore him away from chemical science, something he has been happily unconflicted about ever since.

to advance his education and further delay the onset of reality, he enrolled in a masters program back in southern california, which is where we find him today: in the eternal struggle for an interesting, scholarly thesis.

oh, and along the way our blizl learned to play the piano, became an eagle scout, got his scuba diving certificate, earned his amateur radio license, swam competitively, and has more useless information about more languages than most anybody on earth.

when not pontificating on thesis topics or liberal politics, he can be found rock climbing, bodysurfing, driving, hiking, camping, or drinking from the holy tabernacle of maker's mark kentucky bourbon.


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